Ultrasound cavitation Inch Loss
Will Ultrasound Cavitation hurt?
It has a warming effect but is not painful at all.
How many treatments will I nedd?
Your therapist will be able to indicate how many sessions depending on the area and volume. Usually 6 to 10 sessions are needed but this will vary from person to person.
How much time should be in between one session of Ultrasound Cavitaion?
The body will eliminate fat of a session in approximately 3 to 5 days. Ideally you should have a treatment after 72 hours.
Will I loose weight with Ultrasound Cavitation
Ultrasound Cavitation is not a method to lose weight but to sculpt those localized areas that don’t seem to improve with diet and exercise.
Ultrasound cavitation Inch Loss
Fat/Inch Loss
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Ultrasound Cavitation is a technique used for fat reduction. It’s a very smart way of reducing fat from localised areas such arms, abdomen, love handles, legs and bum. It’s a nonsurgical procedure without anaesthesia, pain free and comfortable, without any cuts or scars. It’s a safe treatment that won’t affect your vascular system or lymphatic system.

A fully trained therapist will apply a gel and the ultrasound hand piece into your skin. Specific parameters of ultrasound cavitation are selected by your therapist to ensure that only the targeted area is being treated. The ultrasound cavitation hand piece once in contact with your skin delivers ultrasonic low level waves that travel at high speed cycles compressing and expanding forming pressure effects around the liquid molecules and fat cells. This continuous process will result on micro bubbles that increase in size and run into each other and burst. This process doesn’t affect skin tissue. The ultrasound waves will disrupt fat cells membranes. The adipocytes (fat cells) contain triglycerides that are released into interstitial fluid and are processed by your metabolism pathways. In order to understand better, the cell membranes of the adipocytes are compromised and triglycerides are released in our body. This will begin the process of breaking them down. Glycerol and fatty acids are then transported in the blood and will bind into albumin and are slowly synthesized in our liver for it to be removed or moved to other tissues as building blocks or used as energy. Our aim is to aid and remove fat through the lymphatic system and finally be excreted by urine.

Ultrasound cavitation helps to treat

  • Helps to reduce/ removes cellulite
  • Reduces localized areas of fat
  • Tightens the skin
  • Contours body area(s)
Ultrasound cavitation Inch Loss
Treatment Summary
Numbers of treatment
3-6 recommended
Full Recovery
Treatment Time
30 min – 2 h depending on the area.
3 months *
Result Duration
70% of positive fat reduction from client feed back
Sensitivity Period
2-3 days estimated
Back to work
Potential Risk
Mild redness
Before & After