Thread vein removal
What can I expect during and after treatment?
Depending on your skin type (and the lesion being treated) some redness and swelling may be visible, but will usually subside around 48 hours after treatment. Lesions may appear darker around 5-7 days later. During treatment, some patients may feel a mild discomfort. The treatment is quick and effective, usually requiring around 3-6 sessions once every 4-6 weeks.
The conclusion
Our The Laser Clinic Group staff are friendly and sympathetic and will provide helpful detailed information on the vascular, spider vein removal treatment during your Consultation and answer any questions you may have. Specialist will recommend a course of treatments to your individual requirements and advise on the after care. Whatever your personal requirements may be, we can provide the leading experts, techniques, products and facilities for your treatment.
Am I suitable for the Treatment?
Treatment is suitable for most people. However, prior to treatment a consultation is mandatory during which a medical history and assessment of the desired treatment area is carried out. This will then allow the practitioner to determine suitability for treatment, how many sessions required and the expected results.
Thread vein removal
Skin Care
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ND:YAG and Laser treatments target imperfections in the skin from sun damage, acne to pigmentation and thread veins. Laser and ND:YAG is used to promote collagen production and aid hydration giving a smoother glowing fresher complexion.

Thread veins, spider veins and broken veins are a very common problem for a lot of people. These veins have the appearance of small fine flat red veins or thicker purplish veins on the surface of the leg or face.

Thread veins are small blood vessels that can, over-time, develop into larger blood vessels if not treated and maintained. Leg thread veins can be removed quickly and easily leaving your legs smoother and even-toned.

Thread vein removal
Treatment Summary
Numbers of treatment
3-6 Treatments
Full Recovery
Treatment Time
Dependent on area
Semi-permanent - permanent
Result Duration
Semi-permanent - permanent
Sensitivity Period
No Sensitivity Period
Back to work
Potential Risk
Mild redness
Before & After