Skincare Specialist

Meet Meera, the globe-trotting, food-loving, and results-driven staff member at our company. With her infectious energy and love for adventure, Meera has been exploring new destinations and trying exotic cuisines all around the world.

But when she's not out exploring, Meera loves to spend quality time with her family and friends, enjoying the occasional drink and making unforgettable memories. With her four years of experience at the company, Meera has established herself as a reliable and talented member of our team, consistently delivering excellent results for our clients.

Whether she's jetting off to a new destination or working hard to exceed expectations, Meera brings her unique personality and passion to everything she does. We're lucky to have her on our team!

Client Reviews

Olivia R

Meera is super helpful and informative about the laser hair removal process. She has done all my treatments and I’ve really noticed a huge difference so far. She is super thorough which is important when doing laser. The prices are great and I’ve really enjoyed my experience here. I look forward to getting more done in the future!

Priyanka Benning

I’ve been having my laser hair treatment here for a while and it is the best place you could go to! Meera is lovely and so welcoming! She goes into detail to explain how the laser works and answers any queries you have with great care. Would highly recommend.

Maria Dungarwalla

Being going to TLC Uxbridge for a few years now. Meera has been my therapist throughout and has always provided the best service and recommendations from my laser hair removal to my skin concerns.