Skincare Specialist

Meet Abna - the laser and IPL queen! With two years of experience in the laser and IPL game, she's been zapping unwanted hair and sunspots like nobody's business. Abna has worked in a Dr-led clinic and has also been in the high-end beauty industry for 5 years, making her a force to be reckoned with. When she's not making her clients' skin look flawless, she's spending time with her furry friends and family, and perfecting her makeup skills. Abna loves meeting new people almost as much as she loves the smell of fresh laser cartridges in the morning. So if you're looking for someone to zap your skin woes away while making you feel like a queen, Abna is your girl!

Client Reviews

Keziah D

I was seen by Abna for a hydrafacial which was honestly just incredible. It was my first time having a facial and trusting someone with my face - I was super happy with my decision to go for her. She was so informative and made sure my comfort came first. She was also super kind and welcoming which definitely elevated the experience. My skin looks incredible to the point others have been saying it too. I will definitely be back for more hydrafacials, specifically with Abna.

Fatima Alfadli

Definitely the best service you can get across different treatments, especially when you feel so comfortable every time. Abna is also a very lovely lady to recommend, great experience and trusts to get the job done! Will be coming back.

Arvin Leku

Myself and a friend walked into TLC to enquire about treatments. We were greeted by a warm welcome and received great customer service and information on the treatments from Abna. As a result of the detailed explanation of the treatments we both decided to get a Hydro Facial. The treatment itself was great and the customer service provided throughout the time at TLC by Abna was amazing. I will be a returning customer due to this. I highly recommend to try the Hydro Facial.