Diode Laser Hair Removal

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Diode laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment that uses a specific type of laser to target and disable hair follicles. It is safe for most skin types and can be used on various areas of the body, including the face, legs, underarms, and bikini area.

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Diode Laser Hair Removal

Frequently asked
questions & Answers

Why should I use Diode Laser system rather than other methods

Diode Laser Hair Removal provides enhanced comfort during treatment, minimal risk of infection, speed and accuracy and also minimizes skin irritation that other methods may create. Diode Laser is a precise instrument, the light parameters that can be adjusted to damage only the hair follicle while minimally affecting the surrounding skin.

How does the Diode Laser system work?

The system emits near-infrared laser light that is absorbed by the melanin located in the hair follicle. The laser is pulsed, or turned on, for only a fraction of a second. The duration of each pulse is long enough to damage the follicle, without damaging the surrounding tissue, thanks also to the unique, patented contact-cooling handpiece, that protect the skin by conductive cooling during the laser energy delivery.

How does Diode Laser Hair Removal compare with other Hair Removal methods?

Shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams are all temporary methods that must be repeated on a frequent basis and none of those methods can successfully reduce ingrown. Diode Laser Hair Removal offers permanent hair reduction and treatment of ingrown hairs.

Does the Diode Laser work on Tanned or Dark skin?

The diode laser system safely and effectively treats all skin types (Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-VI) as well as tanned skin. For darker skin types and people with tans, appropriate parameters are set: generally lower fluencies and lower pulse widths are set to prevent epidermis damage. Using the appropriate treatment parameters, however, people with all skin types can benefit from diode laser hair removal.

Are the results permanent?

The diode laser is proven to work on hair removal and permanent hair reduction on all skin types and tanned skin. To achieve a satisfactory level of clearance, 3-5 treatments are typically required.

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