Unwanted Hair

Everyone has facial and body hair but in woman the hair is often fair and fine, which makes it much less visible compared to men. The cause of excessive hair growth on a woman is called hirsutism, which is usually darker and more prominent on your face and arms. The growth pattern of hair is somewhat associated with virilisation.

Major causes

  • Imbalanced hormones.
  • Fewer androgen secreting tumours or adrenal glands that lead to hirsutism.
  • Medication for endometriosis can be the reason for excessive growth of hair in the face and body.

Some symptoms

  • Hair loss that causes thinning of the hair and a bald scalp.
  • There is the formation of acne on your face.
  • Deepening and hoarse voice of women.

Hirsutism mainly occurs due to hormonal imbalance. This condition does not cause physical pain; however it can lead to depression in women.