Enlarged pores

Enlarged pores is common among people with oily skin and can affect both men and woman of all skin types. According to the experts, there are several causes for this condition.

Major causes

  • Patients can inherit this from their parents and is linked to genetics.
  • Aging causes a loss of elasticity in the skin and collagen production. Thus, aging has a significant hand in this condition.
  • High exposure to the sun thickens the epidermal layer, which can enlarge the pores.
  • Improper grooming and poor exfoliation is another cause behind this problem.

Some symptoms

  • The chin, forehead and especially the nose is where enlarged pores are most visible. As the oil gets trapped, the nose pores swell and look wider than what they are.
  • Enlarged pores give you skin a dull, matted, appearance if you have naturally dry skin.
  • Blackheads are other symptoms behind enlarged pores.

Our experts can help overcome this aesthetic problem through a variety of skincare products and therapies that can help in curing enlarged pores.