Beauty Treatments

A fully trained therapist will apply gel and the ultrasound hand piece onto your skin. Specific parameters of ultrasound cavitation are selected by your therapist to ensure that only the targeted area is being treated. The ultrasound cavitation hand piece once in contact with your skin delivers ultrasonic low level waves that travel at high speed cycles compressing and expanding forming pressure effects around the liquid molecules and fat cells. This continuous process will result in micro bubbles that increase in size and run into each other.

Aqua Facial

This Treatment is a perfect introduction to Hydra-facials This clever treatment provides 5 main steps to provide a healthier looking skin by; cleansing & exfoliating, removal of dead skin cells, extraction of any debris and provide long lasting hydration and essential nutrients which helps rebuilds collagen levels.   The Steps!...

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Alpha Peel

Alpha Peel is a multifunctional peel. The main active ingredients in this peel are mandelic acid and alpha hydroxy acid in an innovative form for cosmetic use, with significant exfoliating, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. This chemical peel a non-invasive chemical exfoliation designed to promote cell renewal on the...

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Thread Vein Removal

IPL & LASER treatments target imperfections in the skin from sun damage, acne to pigmentation and thread veins.  Laser and IPL is used to promote collagen production and aid hydration giving a smoother glowing fresher complexion. Thread veins, spider veins and broken veins are a very common problem for...

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