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Ultrasound Cavitation + Lymphatic Drainage

Non-invasive, painless emulsification (conversion to liquid) and elimination of stubborn fat and cellulite.

Ultrasonic aims help you to reshape your body and help you get your confidence back. Ultrasonic treatments are a non-invasive treatment, which our customers have found to deliver results they are thrilled with. Cavitation is a pain free non-invasive technique used for fat reduction. It’s a effective way of reducing cellulite and fat from areas such arms, abdomen, love handles, legs and bottom. When combined with radio frequency great results are achieved. Generally results are seen after just one session.

Prices Starts From £129

Treatment Area Prices
Upper Stomach £129
Lower Stomach £129
Thigh\'s (2 Areas) £179
Hips (2 Areas) £179
Arms (2 Areas) £179
Bottom(2 Areas) £179